Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lookmunk?

Lookmunk is a place to discover and showcase interesting Websites and Apps related to learning.

How do I submit my website or app?

You can login/signup using twitter and click on the submit button in top.

I submitted a website/app/ and I don't see it on the search results or specific category. Why?

When you submit any website/app it will be reviewed by Lookmunk Community to ensure whether it matches our community guidelines.

* Once you become an active member/user, you submissions will be published immediately.

What kind of stuff do you allow on Lookmunk?

It's a place sharing Learning related apps, websites and blogs.

For eg:,

It's not a place for

Sharing specific blogposts, news sites, other games, websites and apps

How do you rank websites?

Websites, apps and books are submitted and faved by the community, ranked by the number of social shares, votes and other factors.