Our mission is to “Help people learn and try new things every day”.

Lookmunk surfaces the interesting websites related to learning and self-improvement.  It’s a community for Learners, Geeks and Educators.

We want people to succeed in their career, life, and almost everything.

Learning is part and parcel of our lives and it is a continuous process through which we enrich our knowledge every day. No matter what you’re — be an entrepreneur, an engineer, a student or even a home maker, you learn something new that you have not come across before.

With the advent of the Internet, the world has come closer at our doorstep and online learning has become easier and exciting. Finding any topic under any category or taking up any online courses is an amazing experience.

The crux of the problem is, when we look up for a particular topic of interest, we confront thousandths of sites/apps both relevant and irrelevant sites and this causes confusion over the right choice of sites, The same is true of thousands of learning & self improvement websites, course providers, blogs, apps,etc.. available online.

The Internet having become noisy, choosing the right learning websites is a challenge and often we get lost by a vast array of websites. We have faced similar dilemma and to solve this mix-up and save time, we have launched a gripping website called ‘”Lookmunk”

Internet is huge! Help us find best educational websites and apps


Lookmunk helps you discover best websites and apps that makes you incredibly smarter.